First Edition ‘Noddy’ Books & How To Recognise Them

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Enid Blyton published over 600 children's books during her 40-year career. Her stories celebrated good food, spirit of comradeship and honesty.
'Little Noddy Goes To Toyland' appeared in 1949, a story of a little toy man who always ends up in trouble and has to seek help from his Toyland friends.
Its sales exceeded expectations and other Noddy books of various sizes and types followed rapidly. The stories were illustrated by Van Der Beek. 'Noddy' became a household name, the subject of music hall jokes and sketches and the series also produced a play and film.
In the 1950s and 1960s Enid Blyton was attacked by critics, librarians banned her books owing to the books limited vocabulary. The main target for anti-Blyton's was Noddy, "the most egocentric, joyless, snivelling and pious anti-hero in the history of British fiction", as he was once called.
The 'banning' did not last long and eventually Blyton's ability to encourage children to read was recognised generally.
Children's favourite Enid Blyton character, Noddy, has sold in excess of 70 million books worldwide and remains a favourtie amongst children and collectors.
For the rare book enthusiast this area is a nightmare when it comes to identifying a first edition.
The Books were reprinted in huge numbers, usually using the same plates.
Here are a few rules to help as a guide.
If you can, buy copies with their original dust jackets.
Check the other titles listed and ensure none post date the actual book, as they do on reprints.
Book numbers 1 -6 should have the full Sampson Low address, 25 Gilbert Street, London W1 on the title page.
The spines should be rounded and not flat,
From book 7 onwards flat spines were used.
The first fifteen books were undated.

The following list covers only original 1st edition books.
Noddy Goes To Toyland 1949
Hurrah for little Noddy 1950
Noddy and his Car 1951
Here Comes Noddy Again 1951
Well Done Noddy 1952
Noddy Goes To School 1952
Noddy at the Seaside 1953
Noddy Gets into Trouble 1954
Noddy and the Magic Rubber 1954
You Funny little Noddy 1955
Noddy Meets Father Christmas 1955
Noddy and Tessie Bear 1956
Be Brave Little Noddy 1956
Noddy and the Bumpy Dog 1957
Do Look Out Noddy 1957
You're a Good Friend Noddy 1958
Noddy has an Adventure 1958
Noddy Goes To Sea 1959
Noddy and the Bunkey 1959
Cheer up Little Noddy 1960
Noddy Goes To The Fair 1960
Mr Plod and Little Noddy 1961
Noddy and the Tootles 1962
Noddy and the Aeroplane 1964
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