First Steps in Pyrography

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Thinking of starting "Pyrography" ?  I have been doing Pyro now since 2000, It is quite easy to do and once you have mastered the Pyro iron and how different woods burn you will be well on your way. I have seen many artists work, and have been amazed at the designs and textures they have created with the Pyro iron. Some not so good and some incredible pieces of work,  I work hard at keeping my prices affordable, but sadly I must admit that some people do not want to pay for the time spent creating your piece of art.
I did not need to go out and spend a lot of money for my Pyro iron, I got a basic iron and started from there, I was taught to use a "Hot Wire" Pyro iron at the start, I enjoyed using the hot wire iron but went on to use the more solid type of iron that looks like a soldering iron, both types of iron have their uses etc.. I now have 4 irons, all different and used to create many textures etc..  The next thing you need to master is how different woods react to various temperatures etc.. Pine is a "Soft" wood so the pyro iron cuts into the wood like a hot knofe through butter, Beech and Sycamore are fantastic to work with, I have worked on Birch too which is quite a tough wood, Birch also has natural Anti bacterial quality so it is good for kitchen utensils.
The best thing that you can do is find a local shop that sells cheap wooden items, you can pick up 10 inch circular Birch boards for just over a pound, so you can burn away til your hearts content! I went around the home finding everything that was wooden and started from there!!  I noticed with the wooden chopping boards that after a period of time the wood seems to push the design out, I have had to re do mine once or twice in past 6 yrs or so. With that in mind i tell my customers that if that happens with their purchases I will re burn them back in for free  if they cover the cost of the postage.
I was never very good at drawing etc so i actually use tracings for my designs and I seem to enjoy doing "Celtic" designs. I draw inspiration from everything around me.

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