First Time Selling & Rules

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As a new seller please always check and double check who you are selling too. Always make sure you read up on a of Ebays rules,tips,guides etc. I made the BIG mistake of not doing this, which resulted in me being conned on my first sale. I sold a phone to a man from Africa, who told me a bit of a sob story and I fell for it .I even sent him the phone before any cash was exchanged. The man was an expert scammer. He sent me fake emails from" paypal "confirming" payment for the phone. Once I discovered I had been conned, it was too late. There was no trace of the man. He simply vanished. I did learn a valuable lesson through this, which I must add was very traumatic.  Guides, rules, reviews etc, are there for a reason. And that is, simply to help us with selling and buying and safely. I am happy to say that it did not put me off. It just made me a more responsible ebayer...So my fellow ebayers, stay safe, read Everything and HAPPY EBAYING. :-)

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