Fish / Koi Carp need oxygen too!

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Its a common problem in hot weather for fish to be oxygen starved, this occurs when the higher levels of sun light increase plant growth starving the water of oxygen.

The best way to get oxygen back into the water is to install an air pump and air stones.

The pump forces air through the air stones causing tiny bubbles to stream through the water, this helps to oxygenate the water.

Well oxygenated water is vital for fish to breath and live a happy life.

So how do you know if oxygen levels are low?

If your fish are spending a lot of time on the surface gulping air this is a good indication that levels are very low. this could be fatal for your fish. and you need to get oxygen into the water asap.

The fast way to do this is to empty some water, lets say 1/4, and get the hose out to refill it. Make sure the hose is high enough out of the water to cause a stream of bubbles when the fresh water hits the surface.

This is only a temporary solution though, the oxygen you are putting into the water will be gone in just a few hours.

If you are running a filter system, (you are running a filter system arn't you!!!!) another quick and easy way to get air into the water is to install a "venturi". This is a small tube let into your filter outlet pipe about a foot from the end. this will draw in air as the water rushes past, oxygenating the water before it re-enters the pond.

Again this is not a full solution, but will help the situation untill your air pump system has been installed.

There are lots of air pumps and stones on the market, the size you want will depend on the volume of water in your pond.

If you would like some advice on which system to use, send us an email, or give Icklesham Koi a ring on 01424 815200. we will be more than happy to help.

Bob De Freitas. 

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