Fitting Front Ends With Blind Yokes (Triple Trees)

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How To Fit Front Ends with Blind Yokes

We've had a few people ask, so here we go, we'll try and explain it.....

When fitting blind yokes many people make the mistake of treating them like standard yokes, i.e. fitting the yokes, then inserting the forks. Doing it like this marks the chrome stanchions, they scuff as they screw up through the bottom yoke. This scuffing is then visible when assembly is complete.
The correct way to do it is as follows....

1. Loosely fit the yokes to the headstock, with the bearings.
2. Offer up the forks and mark where the bottom yoke will fit. We do this with a piece of insulating tape.
3. Remove the yokes and slide the bottom yoke down the forks. If you used tape to mark the position, they'll rest on the tape.
4. Fit the bottom yoke with headstock spindle & forks to the headstock.
5. Rest the top yoke on the headstock spindle & fork tube slugs
6. Screw the forks into the top yoke by turning the stanchions. You'll need to alternate through each fork leg and the headstock spindle.
7. You'll notice that the top yoke is being screwed down onto the forks, not the forks being screwed up through the bottom yoke. In this way any scuffing that occurs on the stanchion stays inside the bottom yoke, out of sight.

Oh, don't foget to remove the insulating tape!

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