Fitting Pin Badges to Clothing

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Please be aware that it is best to make the necessary holes in the clothing prior to fitting a Pin Badge (especially to Leather Vests / Jackets). This will stop you bending the rear Pins on the back of the Badge as they can snap off when using force!!
Therefore, try using a Thick Needle or similar item to make the necessary holes. If fitting to leather, first offer up your Pin Badge to where you would like it on your clothing item, (ensure you have removed the rear clasps) then gently press the badge onto the clothing to mark where you need to make the necessary holes. Now take your Hole Punch Tool and make the holes required - take care here not to injure yourself. Once the holes have been made, you can now offer up the Pin Badge for fitting. Place the Pin Badge over the holes you have just made and gently push the Pin badge into place, ensuring the rear Pins on the back of the Badge go all the way through the clothing. Now, using your thumb to keep the Pin Badge in place, flip the clothing over to reveal the Pins sticking through the clothing - Now fit the Clasps to the Pins by pushing them onto the Pins to secularly hold your Pin Badge in Place - Job Done
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