Fitting a New Ink Refill to Your Fountain Pen

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Fitting a New Ink Refill to Your Fountain Pen

Getting a Pen to Start
Not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you’re new to the art of Fountain Pen writing. Your pen will come with a Convertor—a twist action piston that creates a vacuum to suck ink into its body from an ink bottle. Or you can pull out the convertor and use an ink refill—a small plastic tube of ink which you replace when empty.
Fitting an Ink Refill
The ink refill has to be designed for your pen.  Many makes of pen use their own design of refill eg Parker.  All PENdihl pens use the Standard International Size refills available in our store.  To fit a new refill refer to Diagram B.
· Remove the cap and the top half of the pen’s body. It will normally twist off.
· Push the ink refill firmly into place. You can often feel when it engages with the narrow tube in the pen’s section (the bit you grip when writing).
· Squeezing the refill may be sufficient to get ink flowing to the pen nib.
· Test the pen to see if it will now write. Wetting the nib should be sufficient to get it started. Practise on some scrap paper.
· Refit the body of the pen.

Locating the ink cartridge
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Locating the ink cartridge


This might be seen as teaching many to suck eggs.
In our experience many younger people have never gone through school and college etc having had any experience of ink. They have never got their fingers semi-permanently stained blue or black or their shirts covered in ink from a leaking pen.
They have never been frustrated by a pen not working first time. They've never stuck ink pellets to ceilings, either.
They've never really seen how their handwriting can look when applied in such a beautiful way.
We apologise - these Guides are therefore to help users through the wonderful minefield of using a Fountain Pen.

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