Fitting a minimoto rocket key

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Minimotos are fast becoming very popular for leisure riding and also for competitive racing use. There has been a marked move towards improving the performance and power characteristics of these miniature racing machines. One such easy way to enhance the performance of your minimoto is to fit a rocket key. The minimoto rocket key is designed with a 10 degree offset and is a direct replacement for the standard straight cut item. Here are the easy to follow instructions for rocket key fitment:

Fitting a minimoto rocket key

1) Firstly remove the pull start unit from the right side of the minimoto engine, which is held in place by 3 hexagonal head screws and 1 bolt attachment to the cylinder head area.

2) On removing the pull start unit the flywheel will be exposed. The flywheel is retained with a 8mm bolt in the centre. Remove the 8mm bolt with a socket and wrench. In order to stop the flywheel rotating whilst undoing the bolt wedge an Allen key in between one of the flywheel fins and lodge it against the footrest support bar.

3) Once the retaing bolt has been removed, the flywheel can be extracted. There are 2 available methods of extraction.

Method 1 - There are two threaded holes in the flywheel, screw 2 long M6 threaded bolts into these 2 holes and turn evenly in a clockwise direction to prise off the flywheel.

Method 2 - Use a purpose made flywheel puller.

4) On removal of the flywheel, the stock key can now be observed resting in its machined slot in the crankshaft end. Using a small pick simply prise the stock key from its slot.

5) Install the new minimoto rocket key in the vacated slot. Note that the 10 degree offset of the new rocket key should point to the right (towards the front of the machine).

6) Once the rocket key has been fitted in its slot, refit the flywheel and secure with its retaining bolt. It is a good idea at this stage to use some thread locking compound on the retaining bolt. Refit the pull start unit and secure.

Now experience and enjoy the power gains from your newly fitted minimoto rocket key.

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