Fitting a new Vauxhall Ignition Barrel

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One of our more common questions is how do I remove the old barrel and how do I get the new one in.  Well here's a quick guide to tell you how.

  How do I remove my old ignition barrel?

Remove the shroud around the steering column to expose the ignition housing.  Towards the top of the housing on the barrel side facing the steering wheel is a small hole, big enough to fit a small pop rivet or similar rod.  Behind this hole is a release pin which holds the barrel in place, stopping it from popping out.

In order to allow the pin to be released, the ignition key needs to be inserted and turned to position 1 or 2 depending on the barrel.  With the key in position, insert an allen key into the hole and the barrel will pop out on its own (the angle of an allen key makes the job easier behind the steering wheel).

Q: How do I insert the new barrel?

This is essentially the reverse of the removal.  The most common mistake is trying to insert the barrel without having the key in the correct position.  If you don't have the key inserted correctly to release the locking pin, the barrel will not go in, or worse still the locking pin will get broken during attempts to force it in place.

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