Five Benefits of Buying Used Memory Cards

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Five Benefits of Buying Used Memory Cards

Memory cards are used to provide additional storage data for a variety of electronic devices, most commonly small portable devices like cameras, mobile phones, and tablets. When a picture is taken on a camera, or a new app is downloaded onto a mobile phone, it will need to be stored somewhere. When someone wants to store thousands of pictures, music files, videos, and so on, they will need to have enough memory to do so. This will involve getting a memory card, often a high capacity one, and this can get fairly expensive. When shopping for memory cards, it is possible to buy them new from a variety of manufacturers, or used from various sellers, large and small.

About Memory Cards

Memory cards come in 3 main physical sizes and 3 capacity formats. The 3 sizes are SD standard, mini SD, and micro SD, with mini SD cards being about half the size of SD cards, and micro SD cards being about quarter their size, or about the size of a regular thumbnail. SD standard sizes were developed first to be used in computers and cameras, while both mini and micro cards have been created for the ever growing mobile market in the main. The 3 capacity formats refer to the amount of memory that the different cards have. These are standard SD formats with up to 2 GB (gigabytes) of space, SDHC (High Capacity) formats with between 2 and 32 GB of space, and SDXC (Extended Capacity) with between 32 GB and 2 TB (terabytes) of space. While SD and SDHC formats can be found in regular, mini, and micro sized cards, SDXC formats do not come in mini SD size, but do come in regular and micro SD size. When choosing an appropriate card for any device, it is important to understand which capacities are compatible with the device. Some older cameras, for example, may fail to work with mini and micro SDHC cards, but will with standard SD mini and micro cards with up to 2 GB of space. In addition, some devices will not be backward compatible with newer high capacity cards, while devices that accept higher capacity cards will generally take lower capacity cards as well.

Benefits of Used Memory Cards

Since a memory card is tasked with storing important documents, it is important to make sure that they are high quality, function well, and are not prone to memory loss and other such defects. The best way of achieving this is, primarily, by buying from a high quality manufacturer and seller who offers warranties and guarantees. However, this isn't always necessary or even possible. Buying used cards can be beneficial for buyers who are careful during their search and are willing to put in some research. Here are some reasons to look for used memory cards:

1. They Are Cheaper

This is the major benefit that most people will cite when buying used goods. Used goods, memory cards included, are invariably cheaper than new ones. In fact, they can be a lot cheaper when buying from the right seller. The right seller could be an individual seller or a retailer selling used products. Whatever the case, their prices will vary significantly depending on their condition and spec - needless to say, a fair bit of research is needed to clarify the quality of the card before buying.

2. They Can Be High Quality

The word 'can' really is the crucial word here. Used goods really do vary hugely in quality, so this approach can be a little more risky. However, there is nothing to say that used cards are any worse than new ones if they have barely been used. Some people will receive them as gifts and want to sell them on; others will use them for a time before getting an upgrade; others still will buy them and just rarely use them. The point here is that with some work, used cards that are both affordable, and high quality, can be found.

3. They Are Environmentally Friendly

This is most certainly a growing advantage for the case of buying used products. Used products are essentially being recycled as they are passed around from buyer to buyer. Consequently, they help to reduce such things as the pollution that results from manufacturing them, as well as the energy needed to create them. Moreover, one less card that is made will mean one less card in the landfills, and this can only be a good thing.

4. Limited Packaging

It is not only the production process that can cause further damage to the environment. When new items are created, they are put in extensive packaging that will inevitably include plastic protective coverings and instructions manuals or booklets. For most people, instructions are unnecessary, though memory cards are relatively self-explanatory. They can simply be inserted into the device and used straight away. If advice is needed, the Internet will invariably provide the answer. All this extra packaging does further harm to the planet, and this can easily be avoided by buying used goods.

5. Provides More Choice

A market with little choice can be dominated by a few sellers and manufacturers. One with a great deal of choice, however, makes it easier for buyers to find what they are looking for. Given the number of people selling their used memory cards, the choice is invariably larger than when searching for new products. Used memory cards help to expand the choice available to shoppers, giving them more freedom to locate cards that suit their needs.


Used memory cards are inherently risky, but this risk can be reduced when the proper due diligence is taken. Spend sufficient time researching potential products and always consider what capacity and size will be compatible with the device the card will be used with. Look at seller ratings carefully and check their feedback - if they are poorly rated, look elsewhere. If there are any questions that spring to mind, don't be afraid to ask the seller directly: they should be perfectly willing to respond and, if they don't do so quickly, this will be a pretty clear indication that the seller isn't overly reliable. Ideally, several potential products will be found, and then compared, to find the best options. When limited options present themselves, it may be best to spread the search pool into new memory cards as well.

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