Fixing a small TV up on a bracket through plaster board

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You cant afford to make a mistake by not fixing your TV up securely. So here are a couple of  things I found useful working with plasterboarded walls.

Depending on the weight and type of TV you are fixing to the wall you have a couple of options of brackets and fixings.


Fixing a Standard TV using a wall bracket

I put up a normal 14" TV / DVD comi TV in a games room. Even thought these are small they are surprisingly heavy! I bought a standard mounting bracket like the one below:

Due to the weight the safest way of fixing it up is directly to the brickwork. As I had plasterboard over the brickwork I decided to cut through the plasterboard and mount it directly to the bricks.This is quite easily done - I just drew round the back plate of the adapter onto the wall then scored the plasterboard with a stanley knife and chiseled it out. Once you have broken through the plasterboard you can widen the hole by shaving the board with a stanley knife. Then just drill and mount the bracket directly to the wall. It can be a bit fiddly due to the recess you're working it but it gives a good result. I then used expanding foam round the bracket hole and then once that is dry smoothed around the bracket arm with a filler.

Fixing a LCD TV using a wall bracket

If you are wall mounting a small LCD TV you can get a bracket like below:

These are normally suitable to up to about a 20" LCD as LCD is so light.

You can fix these directly to the plasterboard wall safely if you use the correct mounts. Some of the special plasterboard plugs available are shown below:
You can pick these up cheap enough on ebay here: Cavity Wall Plugs I would recomend the metal plugs really for a TV.

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