Fixing an Insert into a Greetings Card

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CardsMaid recently received an enquiry as to how you fix an insert into a greetings card. For those new to card-making, this might be a useful tip.

First ensure that your insert is slightly smaller than your card so that you have a nice border all the way around.

Score and fold the insert.

Cut a piece of double-sided tape about 3 or 4 inches long and affix it centrally to the back of the insert, close to the fold.

Remove the top layer of the double-sided tape for about 1 inch.

Carefully place the insert into the card, lining up the centre fold of the card and the centre fold of the insert.

When you are happy with the position of the insert, press it down to that the sticky part of the double-sided tape catches. 

Gently pull away the remainder of the top layer of the double-sided tape.

Your insert should now be perfectly positioned in your card !

Sue Houlston - CardsMaid Shop

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