Flash usb drives or memory sticks

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Before buying usb flash drives or mp players, read up at fightflashfraud and sosfakeflash websites first. You will find up to date information on suspect sellers and their flash items for sale.


Use toolhaus.org (just google it) to review a seller's neutral/negative feedback before bidding or buying.


Do not trust ebay feedback system. The majority of buyers of usb flash drives and mp players leave positive feedback after quickly plugging in and checking with windows. I did it myself. Windows only reports information given by the usb flash drive or mp player. This is what the sellers of counterfeits and fake capacity items depend on. Use the h2testw programme to test your usb flash drive or mp player for true capacity.


H2testw can be downloaded via fightflashfraud or sosfakeflash websites.


Ask sellers if their items will show true capacity close to advertised capacity if tested with h2testw  before bidding or buying. Do ask as many questions as possible before buying. If you think the seller is being evasive or deliberately awkward, do not buy from them. Report any item you think of as counterfeit or fake capacity to ebay. In the case of brand names, contact the brand name owners to report the counterfeits.


Expect fake sellers to come out with excuses about damaged or lost packaging or referring to their 100% feedback and claims of having sold many others without complaint. They are hardly going to admit to you they have already refunded half their customers after being caught selling fakes. It will not show on feedback unless follow up feedback is used by ripped off buyer.


Avoid sellers who use private auctions. They are trying to hide something. It's not for your benefit. Why would you want to hide the details of the usb drive you are buying? It's a way for sellers of counterfeits and fakes to hide what they sold and for how much.


If a seller gives you abuse or is rude in any way when answering your valid questions, report them to ebay. There are rules they have to follow when dealing with potential customers. Any seller I have had these kind of replies from have all been sellers of fake capacity or counterfeit usb flash drives or mp players.


Fightflashfraud and sosfakeflash websites are extremely useful sources of information, well worth viewing before shopping for usb flash drives. You will find details of fake sellers as well as good guides to help you through problems with ebay and paypal when dealing with fake sellers.

These websites are run by a group of determined individuals fighting against the sale of counterfeit and fake capacity usb flash drives and mp players being sold everyday over the internet and ebay in particular.

If you already have usb flash drives, use the h2testw to test them now. Try it for your mp3 or mp4 player as well.

Before testing your usb flash drive, just do a quick format (like you do with floppy). Do another quick format after to clear files left from test. This test will reveal the true capacity of your usb flash drive. The same applies for mp3 or mp4 players but I would suggest copying any software from player to safe place before initial quick format. That way at least, your player can have software reinstalled after final quick format.


Ebay has been flooded with counterfeit and fake capacity usb flash drives and mp players mostly supplied from China and Hong Kong.


"UK seller" and Union Jack backgrounds are often used to win the confidence of the buyer. Many counterfeit sellers buy in bulk from the orient and get them delivered to UK ready to sell on. Others use drop shippers and never handle the goods personally. Gives them an excuse when caught out. They just blame supplier from orient.

If you do buy a usb flash drive or mp player, test with h2testw before leaving feedback.

Report all your fakes to sosfakeflash website so they can issue alerts sooner on these sellers.

Use follow up feedback to help warn others if you have been caught out with a fake. It may not change the positive first left but it can help save some people.

Above all, use common sense. Check as many places as possible for reviews and prices on any usb flash drive or mp player before buying. Generally, the big suppliers such as Amazon, Dabs.com etc. should give a better idea of what the items should be priced at. Ebay can no longer be relied on for reflecting true prices on genuine products as there are too many counterfeits now.

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