Flashing Light Problem On your NES System

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Getting Your Nintendo Entertainment System Running Again!


Got your Nes down from the loft ( bought one from Gamestation ) - power it up & plug in mario & duckhunt for a quick retro blast & all your get is a blank screen with the console powering on & off with the red light!

Don't worry , this is a very common problem & usually easy to fix.

1. First thing is this problem IS NOT caused by the power supply. Infact if this is happening then your power supply is normally fine.

2. There are 2 causes - a worn 72 pin internal connector ( the thing you plug your game cartridges into) or more normally just dirt on the game cartridge pins.

Easy Fixes

1. Get a cotton bud - dip in meths / white spirit - vodka / whisky if thats all you have at hand & rub up and down the cartridge game pins. Lots of dirt should come off & onto the cotton bud. See if this works.

2. Sometimes there is so much dirt you have to take the cartidges apart to clean them. You will need a special 3.8mm Nes Security bit. Take the cart apart & scrub the pins hard with meths soaked sponge/scrubber.

This should fix 70% of the Nes flashing light problems.

Hard Fixes

1.  If this hasn't helped then you need to fit a brand new 72 pin internal connector.  U Should be able to get one off ebay for £7.99 - £9.99. They still make them in the far east. There are plenty of fitting guides on the internet , so download one & away you got.  The first time you fit one will take about 20 minutes. No special tools needed , just a couple of srewdrivers. Make sure the cartridge presses up & down properely before final tightening of the screw. Good Luck.

Please note you still need to clean the game cartridges even after fitting a new 72 pin connector.

Your Nes should now be up & running.

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