Flawless Selling on eBay

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Remember, the minute you list your first item on eBay, you have entered the wonderful, yet somewhat hazardous world of RETAIL.  If you have never worked in the Retail industry before, its crucial that you understand the basic rules of selling.

In order to have the most successful and least stressful experience in selling, and obtain a flawless feedback profile, there are a few simple, yet important rules to follow.

1. The Customer is Always Right

Rule #1 through to #10 is always, always: the customer is always right!! Yes, I know, in reality, not all of them are. But, think about any major retail outlet or service provider that you consider to be the best in their field, and consider the quality of service they have given you. For example, I once bought a book from a large internet on-line store in the US. The book was shipped from the US to Australia, but arrived slightly damaged. So I emailed them and they told me to keep the book and they immediately sent another copy at no extra charge for either the second book or the postage. They didn't argue, they didn't need proof of the damage, they didn't hesitate to amend the situation. Their policy is, 'if the customer does not receive 100% satisfaction at all times, then they (the seller) are not doing their job".

So, are you prepared to do that? Well, frankly, when you're in retail you need to. Or at least, be as willing as possible to ensure that all your buyers' grievances are immediately attended to - without allocating blame or making excuses. Remedy the situation as quickly and politely as possible, even if it is not your fault. Be polite, consistently friendly and agreeable, and sometimes be prepared to wear some minimal cost. Remember: the customer is always right.

2. State Your Policies Clearly Upfront, But Be Willing To Bend the Rules

Be as clear as possible upfront about what your selling policies are. Set up an FAQs section to answer any possible queries regarding shipping, returns and payment policies. Place these rules in your item listings. Be as clear as possible - however, there will always be bidders who have not read them. Accept that as a given. Its not their fault. People just simply make mistakes. Do not get into an argument with them, just beacuse they didn't read all your policies. Even if they are the winner bidder, try to be as flexible as possible. If you still cannot resolve the situation, try to be as lenient as possible. Occasionally you may encounter someone who wears you out, but the majority of people are extremely easy to get on with. Learn from your mistakes - and move on. 

3. Offer Full Money Back Returns

I have been an avid internet shopper for many years, and my favourite stores are those that provide full money back returns. Its important that you provide the same reassurance to your potential customers. Remember, although you may go to great lengths to describe the item in your listing, it may appear completely different once the buyer sees the goods for the first time. Send a shipment confirmation email after you post the goods with a paragraph to reassure the buyer that they can return the item if they are not entirely happy with it. You may worry  that you will lose the sale or never get your money back if you have to relist, but in the long-term you will make more happier customers who are willing to buy from you again. And, yes, you will eventually sell the item that you've had to relist - and sometimes for more money.

4. Adopt a Trusting, Helpful Attitude

The best retailers are always helpful, obliging and trust in the long term process of providing great customer service. Top quality service at all times will gain you a highly regarded reputation with many return customers. As a retailer, you should view every transaction as a long term situation. Even if you don't sell many items now - you may in the future. In fact, once you start to sell and the selling experience becomes more and more rewarding, you may become a highly proficient seller with an ever-increasing turnover on eBay. It can be fun and very enjoyable - as long as you adopt the right caring and helpful attitude as a seller.

We hope this has been helpful to you.

Enjoy eBaying!!

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