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Flexi Retractable Leads

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Flexi Retractable Leads
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We wanted to write this guide to help buyers make the right choice when buying a Flexi Retractable Lead. This is an extract from the Flexi Guide which can be downloaded from any of our Flexi Listings on eBay.  Flexi Retractable Leads

Flexi Leads are a remarkable invention from Germany. For more than 30 years, Flexi quality products have dramatically improved the daily task of dog walking, making it a pleasure not just another chore. Flexi leads are very well made and will give years of service.

You can rely on it: The Flexi retractable leashes never slacken, as they are always subject to sufficient tension. With the help of the integrated braking system, the dog owner is able to restrain the dog. In addition, a lock button can set the length of leash when walking “to heel”.

Whether big or small, eager or playful, quiet or energetic Flexi has the right leash model for every dog. You only need to decide …

1. The length of the leash:
3 metres
5 metres
8 metres

2. The size of the dog:
1 = small - Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier or similar
2 = medium - Beagle, Poodle
3 = large - Boxer, Retriever, Collie

3. The type of connection
Cord LEASHES have the best
feed and return qualities with a
small casing. Some Cord Leashes have reflective parts.

Tape LEASHES are highly visible,
especially robust and can be fully

Flexi Retractable Leads

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