Flimsy buggy dont recommend

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I bought this buggy looking for something lightweight for short trips.

Made a big mistake with this though.  Really flimsy - the plastic strip in the hood broke at one point and since then the entire hood has collapsed with multiple breaks in the inner plastic which leaves the right side of the hood half hanging down which is a nightmare when I need the hoood up.   In addition I had the raincover on a few days back and my child kicked the raincover and the entire thing split from the stiching so I now have a huge gaping hole in the rain cover.  This buggy is not cheap - it should be made much more robust than it is.  For both the hood to collapse and the rain cover to tear under so little pressure is v. dissapointing.  I would not recommend this buggy to anyone - there are far better models on the market for less money. 

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