Floor Trader and GR1 trading systems

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I purchased the above from Stockman1963 on the 2nd July 2008,having reviewed them as an intermediate Trader i would like to pass on my thoughts about these Trading Systems.

 Firstly they do do what they say they can do but like all Trading you MUST stick to the rules of these Trading systems ,any ,or to much deviation will leave you broke.They work for Spread betting but they have very specific rules to follow and not all Spread Betting Brokers have them on the Trading Platforms.They are simple and yet quite sophisticated but are easy to follow for anybody who trades,i would,nt reccommend Floor Trader for a beginer,do a course in Trading first.1GR could a beginer use this one, yes ,but would,nt really know what they are looking at apart from the areas in the manual Dangerous.You need to be aware of why and what the market is doing,not so easy as it sounds.So take a course in Trading.There are some good ones about.

So overall yes they are quite good and i would reccommend them, and thats only a personnel opinion of course.

 The down side as i see it is the back up is quite awful This guy will reply to initial questions but then just does,nt reply at all. And of course there will be a lot of questions to be asked to start with.Is he a Trader as he claims i dont know.Before you purchase ask to see up to date trades and i mean this weeks or the week we are in the previous week will do.

Do you buy?well of course thats up to you i did and dont regret it at all. Have i made some money ,Yes but i,m trading very small until i get the complete picture with these systems,but will trade lager amounts.

 Good Trading to all and one.

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