Flower Design in unusual Containers - Use Oasis Fix

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If you want to make an arrangement in a tall container the first thing most people do is fill the container with oasis foam. This is a complete waste of foam and what we do in the trade is to tape a piece of oasis foam to a dish which will fit roughly the size of the container top using pot tape. Then by kneading a piece of oasis fix gum tape into sausages, attach to the side of the dish where it will touch the container and squash it down. Oasis Fix is a fantastic tool - re-usable too. Its waterproof and kneadable a bit like Blue tack.  This way you dont waste huge amounts of unused foam inside the container, and..the arrangement can be taken off if you want to use it elsewhere once a function has ended etc or maybe you've hired the containers and this way you can easily remove the designs and keep them easily.  Trade Tip:  If your container is to support a heavy design its worth putting some heavy stones into the base before attaching the dish and arrangement to give it stability, especially important if the container is tall.  Here are some pictures using the Oasis Fix to attach a dish with foam taped in place ready to be made up.

Knead oasis fix into sausages.        Place around edge of the dish      Trim away excess oasis fix

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