Flying Abroad _ how not to lose your baggage

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I work at the baggage desk  for one of the airlines at Heathrow Airport

There are a number of things to avoid losing your luggage:

  1. Keep your baggage tags with you when they are given to you at check in. 
  2. Always ask at check in whether your bags have been checked in to your final destination
  3. Do not pack items that are fragile which are not packed properly. The airlines will not help if items are not packed properly even if you have paid an excess.
  4. Make sure you keep within the weight limits . Handlers will not always carry or load bags which are too heavy.even if you have paid an excess
  5. If landing late at night at an airport and taking off your your destination the next morning - ask that your bags are only tagged to the late night arrival airport and check in your bags your self to your final destination - connecting bags have a habit of missing cnnection if they are staying overnight in an airport. 
  6. Check your baggage tags has been routed corectly, On the correct days and that your final destination is showing on your baggage tag.
  7. Do not assume that your bags are checked through to your destination.... ask and check your baggage tags
  8. Similarly do not assume that you bags are checked only to a stop off point when the airline may have tagged them to your destination (especially if you have an overnight stop)
  9. Always turn up for your plane nice and early
  10.  If you are arriving at a connecting airport and you have less than 1 hour between connections do not expect to receive your bags at your destination. When booking your tickets make sure you leave plenty of time to catch your next flight.  Ideally leave more than 2 hours for connections. Check when you buy your tickets that enough connection time is available.
  11. If you are travelling on a cruise and leave less than 1 day to connect then any chance of receiving your bag - if it is delayed - will upset your schedule on the cruise. t  
  12. Do not get angry with the staff at the baggage desk. they are doing their best with quite often limited resources. 
  14. If you have out of guage items make sure they are packed properly. and delivered to check in in good time. normallys ome manual handling is required to get these on the aircraft and therefore you must give yourselves a little longer. Make sure the any flight connections with items such as skis , surfboards are long - greater than  hours.
  15. I hope this is helpful

(I am no longer self employed on e bay)


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