Folding Sliding Patio Doors on a budget?

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So, you want the space in your home to open up, to bring the outside in ?  You'll probably be looking for folding sliding patio doors, but can you buy them on a budget?  Can folding sliding doors be bought cheaply without comprimising on quality?  Yes they can!!!

Sliding folding doors are the must have accessory for any modern home.  The UK market is full of options from uPVC to solid oak made to measure options.  For the budget conscious, options typically run from £1,100 for a 6ft wide set to several thousand pounds for something that spans up to 16ft across.  You're also likely to find many pre-finished options sold as 'value added' as they do save you time - problem here is that the factory applied finish may not always match your decor, you may also be happy to paint or stain the doors yourself so why pay that premium?.

For the first time in the UK, we have introduced a budget folding sliding door set.  It comes unfinished in clear pine veneers covering an engineered and preservative treated softwood core.  Having had many years experience manufacturing fully finished folding sliding doors for major UK retailers, our experience within the market has enabled us to select the best possible fixtures and hardware which means our folding sliding doors open and glide effortlessly thanks to their top hung running system.

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The top hung track and hardware system made by Centor is widely acknowledged as one of the best in the business.  The system eliminates problems such as clogging up and jamming often associated with bottom hung door sets.  Once the shoot bolts are released the doors glide smoothly back upon themselves - we guarantee you'll open and close the doors at least ten times until you believe how it feels!

The folding sliding doors we sell are universal which means that you can decide upon installation which way you would like them to open.  The trickle vents are machined discreetly into the frame head and most components are supplied pre-machined for fast fixing of hardware.  The sill section is a hybrid aluminium and hardwood piece and the frame and doors are fully weather stripped with a quality seal manufactured by Schlegel.

Building regulations are also critical to your installation of folding sliding doors and ours fully comply using a system assessed to be fully compliant with the current part L legislation.  They come pre-glazed with toughened 16mm, low E, argon gas filled DG units.  All of our folding doorsets have a u value of 1.8W/m2K.

In summary, our folding sliding doors are looking to be the best value for money anywhere in the UK.  Without middle men to add in their profit margins you can buy direct and rest assured that whilst on a budget the quality of our product is tried, tested and up there with the best.

Please feel free to browse our feedback or contact our office for any further information.

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