Fonts are RARELY 'FREE'

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The amount of obvious piracy regarding font files on Ebay is alarming.
If you buy a fonts disk from Ebay then you're more than likely buying into piracy.

I've done graphic design and prepress work for years and if that many fonts were available for free use I'd be a rich man. To legitimately use a font in a publication it MUST be licensed. NO IF'S or BUT'S, there are VERY VERY few fonts out there that are free for use, even the genuine public domain fonts usually have a clause which requires payment for commercial use.

In my experience I expect to pay between $12 to $25 for the right to use a font in a publication. I ALWAYS make sure that my clients obtain a font license for any work I complete or I will supply it and include the cost it in my final fee.

I can see auctions for 20000, 25000 and even 40000 fonts on Ebay for around £3 !!!!
I guarantee that these disks will contain Adobe, Linotype, Bitstream and other licensed fonts. Yeah, they probably have a disclaimer that use of the fonts is subject to license but there's no way that these sellers have a distribution license for the fonts they sell.

When you buy these disks, you're buying into Piracy.


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