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Making Sure you buy a real programme

When you want to choose an item or find an item you want, please make sure you choose a seller who has a great rating. Also try to find a seller who has a lot of good reviews, please make sure you are buying the correct item too.

When looking for a football programme please check the authentication of the programme, if its a very old one please look at the price on the programme, if its using current money you know its fake, also look at the date of the programme and what teams played. Please check the quality of the programme aswell, if you come across one that is before 2nd world war, you need to check the integrity of inside the programmes, as this is where you will notice the wear and tear.

There are many fake programmes, so please even if you believe it is real just google the two teams playing and the dates of the game to find out if it is real. Most clubs use the same fonts and background photos and fonts on all programmes.

Obviously most of the programmes before the world war would not have any barcode of any type as this wasn't out at that time. So check dates, teams, price, even look at the players on the back of the programme.
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