Footstool Buying Guide

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Footstool Buying Guide

Footstools give tired adults a place to rest their feet, energetic children a place to settle down for stories, and space-constrained hosts a place to rest drink trays. These flexible furnishings also sometimes provide hiding spaces for everything from video game gear to off-season attire. They complete these functions unobtrusively or with wild pops of colour, depending on the preferences of owners.


Types of Footstools

Footstools and ottomans come in many styles to match all types of decor. They serve as colourful accents or melt into neutral backgrounds. Leather footstools offer long wear and neutrality. Typically brown or black, they are unobtrusive in most settings but harmonise with contemporary looks. Dyed leathers in brilliant colours also look great in contemporary rooms. An antique footstool matches traditional decor and also suits a shabby chic look. Some feature needlework or even wicker with cushions on top. More recent vintage footstools include vintage pouffes and three-legged round footstools reminiscent of Miss Muffett's tuffet. These stools often come in vinyl but sometimes feature upholstered fabrics. The traditional Moroccan pouffe has red, brown, and black leather assembled to create a star. Some footstools, such as the popular IKEA footstool, pair with rocking, gliding, or reclining chairs.


More Than a Place to Rest Feet

A footstool is more than just a place to rest tired feet at the end of a long day. In a lounge, a large footstool could replace a central table for serving snacks and beverages and hold large serving trays. Storage footstools hide computer gaming gear, kids' toys, and fleece throws for cold winter evenings. Even small storage footstools hold a few items to help keep living areas clean. These footstools also make it easy to keep up with small items like game controllers and remotes.


Considerations When Selecting a Footstool

When selecting a footstool, the intended use is important. Owners should decide if storage is necessary or if children are likely to play roughly on the furniture. The colour and design should fit the decor in a room. It is possible to add new covers or restore existing covers on antique and vintage footstools for those inclined to invest some time and effort.

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