Ford Escort Van Buying Guide

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The Ford Motor Company designed the Escort Van as a larger version of the popular family car made in the UK and Germany. Although production of the Ford Escort Van ceased in 2002, it's quite a popular model on the second-hand market. For buyers searching for this van, doing the necessary research can greatly help in finding the right one to suit their needs.


Decide on the Year

Ideally, buyers should try to find the latest model second-hand Ford van they can find. It would make sense that a Ford Escort 2001 is probably in better condition that a 1996 model. Of course, this is not always possible, depending on the supply available and some people may actually want to seek out particular models for whatever reason. Deciding on the year or range of years can help buyers narrow down their search.


Conduct a Paperwork and History Check

Before making a purchase, buyers should first check the van's paperwork and history, which is easily done by visiting by inquiring with the DVLA. Buyers should obtain the van's V5C registration document and ensure the information matches the ones given to the seller, like the VIN, year of manufacture, engine capacity, colour, tax rate, and other pertinent details. It's also possible to request a car history check from the Department of Transport. Buyers can find out if the vehicle has failed any tests and the mileage readings from inspections.


Do a Visual Inspection

A visual inspection could be one of the best types of evaluations a buyer can do when purchasing a used Ford Escort van. Buyers should check the car's body, paint job, and look for scratches and dings. Of course, this may not always be possible, especially when buying over the Internet. However, buyers should feel free to ask sellers to take more detailed pictures of the car or van, and even provide "proof" pictures, such as asking the seller to take a photo that includes a sign with the date next to a car. A serious seller should, within reason, take any photos the buyers want.


Ask for an Expert Opinion

One of the best things a buyer can do is to have the car checked out by a mechanic. A good mechanic can tell if the original owner treated the car well, if it needs any work and generally, if it is a good buy for the price. Ideally, buyers should find someone they personally know to do the inspection or do it themselves if they are able. However, this may not always be possible especially if the vehicle is located far away. There are some other options for buyers. A few organisations and clubs can offer third-party inspections for used cars and vans and many have inspectors and mechanics all over the country, so buyers may not even need to be in the same place as the seller to get an expert opinion.

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