Ford Key / Keyfob Programming / Reprogramming

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Hello everybody.

Firstly, I must apologise to all those who have purchased these instructions from me over the past few months.

From May this year, Ebay revised their Downloadable Media Policy & decided to ban all digitally delivered items. This meant that the instructions that I have been successfully emailing to people were now banned from being delivered by email. I could have elected to print each set out & post them to buyers, but to be perfectly honest this would be both time consuming & an unnecessary use of resources (printer ink, paper, envelopes etc.) so I decided to simply stop listing in order to be a good boy & comply with the policies.

Unfortunately, not all members are as good at sticking to the rules as myself & several are still listing on a nudge, nudge, wink, wink, "I won’t actually state that I email the instructions even though I do" basis. This guide is dedicated to these members.

It would seem that the only way to make sure everybody sticks to the rules is to make sure that the information is made available to all, so rather than paying for the instructions to be emailed, here they are for free:

Fiesta 98>


1. Obtain all keys

2. Turn Ignition switch to position 1

3. Wait 10 seconds

4. Ensure clock LED illuminates (for approx 5 seconds)

5. Remove ignition key whilst LED illuminated.

6. Programming mode is now enabled for approx 20 seconds. Proceed as below:

Point key at the receiver (located near interior lamp)

Press and hold the UNLOCK button, after 1 second the key LED will flash once

Press LOCK button 3-5 times

Release UNLOCK button Keep the key pointed at the receiver until the LEDs in the clock and key have flashed 5 times

Repeat the above within 20 seconds to program remaining keys

7. To exit programming mode, switch ignition ON and OFF and wait approx 20 secs.

Fiesta 96, Puma (Infrared 2 Button)


1. Turn Ignition switch to Position I and back to 0 as soon as the PATS LED in the clock lights (The system is now ready for programming, to a maximum time limit of 30 seconds)

2. Remove Key from Ignition, hold the FOB towards the Interior Light, and press and hold the Single Arrow. Wait until the light on the Key flashes, then press the Double Arrow 3 times., release the Single Button

3. Both LEDs (Key & Clock) should flash to acknowledge programming is successful

4. To exit learn Mode, turn Ignition to II and then 0

5. A Maximum of 4 Remotes are possible

Mondeo 93> Mondeo 96> (Infrared 2 Button)


1. Unlock Vehicle, and turn ignition to position 1.

2. Wait until the PATS LED illuminates (app 10 seconds)

3. Switch Ignition to 0 – within 5 seconds – LED will remain on

4. Point the Remote at one of the front Receivers

5. Press a button and keep pressed – within 20 seconds of step 3

6. When the LED on the Key lights press the other button 3-5 times

7. Release both buttons while still aiming at the receiver

8. If successful, both LED’s will flash 5 times

9. Repeat 5—9 for additional transmitters (within 30 seconds)

10 .When completed, Turn Ignition to II then 0 to store the Keys

Mondeo 98½> Scorpio 95> (Radio 3 Button):


1. Turn Ignition 4 times from 0 to I, ending at position I. A tone should sound.

2. Press the Remote Unlock button – another tone should sound.

3. Additional Remotes can be added by repeating Step 2, within ten seconds of each remote.

4. To exit turn Ignition to 0 – another audible sound should be made.

Mondeo 2001>


Resynchronising existing remotes:

1. Insert the ignition key and turn from position II (Ignition) to position 0 (off) & back 4 times within 3 seconds.

2. Remove the ignition key. The locking control system is now in learn mode for the next 20 seconds & the red warning system LED stays on continuously to indicate this.

3. During the 20 seconds press 1 of the transmitter buttons. The remote’s signal & code number is learned by the locking module and is indicated by flashing the warning system LED.

4. Wait until learn mode times out (20 seconds) or switch the ignition back to ON.

Adding a new key:

Note: you will require at least 2 existing keys to program another

1. Insert the first programmed key into the ignition and turn to position II.

2. Turn back to 0 and remove the key.

3. Insert the second programmed key into the ignition and turn to position II.

4. Turn back to 0 and remove the key. The key adding mode is now activated.

5. Within 10 seconds insert the unprogrammed new key into the ignition and turn to position II.

6. Turn back to 0 and remove the key. Allow 10 seconds to pass for the system to exit programming


Fiesta 96> & Escort 98> (Radio 3 Button)


1. Insert Key and turn to II, then Turn Key from II to I and back to II four times within 3 seconds

2. The PATS LED should light. Turn Key to Position 0.

3. Press the Unlock button and keep it pressed until the PATS LED flashes 4 times.

4. Add additional fobs the same way. Turn to II and back to 0 to end.

Focus (Radio 3 Button)


1. Switch Ignition On/Off (II/0) 4 times within 6 seconds until a sound is made.

2. Press any button on Remote until a sound is made.

3. To program additional Remotes, repeat after 2 seconds after the sound.

4. Turn Ignition On/Off to exit.

5. A maximum of 4 remotes can be programmed.

Mondeo 96> Scorpio > 98 (Radio 2 Button)


1. Turn Ignition to II, then turn ignition from II to I and back 4 times within 3 seconds.

2. The PATS LED on dash should light.

3. Turn Ignition to 0. Then press Unlock button and keep it pressed until the PATS LED flashes 4 times (new fob first, then old)

4. Turn Ignition to II, then back to 0 to end.

Cougar (Radio 3 Button)


1. Turn Ignition On (II) and Off (0) 4 times within 6 seconds

2. With the Ignition at 0 the PATS LED should light continuously.

3. Press any button on the Radio Remote within 10 seconds

4. The LED should flash to acknowledge

5. Further Remotes (max. 4) can be added by pressing any button.

6. Program mode will end if Ignition turned on, or no new Remote Detected within 10 seconds

NOTE : The first Cougars were 3 seconds instead of 6, and 20 seconds instead of 10.

Transit/Transit Connect (2000-)


1. Close all the doors.

2. Turn Ignition key from position 0 to II eight times within 10 seconds.

3. Make sure the vehicle locks and unlocks the doors.

4. Press the remote transmitter button within 20 seconds., and make sure the vehicle locks and unlocks all the doors.

5. Up to 20 seconds is allowed to programme the next remote transmitter.

6. To programme additional remote transmitters, repeat steps 4 and 5.

7. Turn the ignition key to position 0 to exit the programming mode.

Note : Maximum 4 remote transmitters may be programmed.

Note : . Ensure the vehicle battery is fully charged and the anti-theft alarm system is not armed or triggered.

Note : If programming ends with no new remote transmitters, the originals are retained.

Note : The anti-theft alarm and double locking module will exit programming mode automatically if four new remote transmitters have been programmed or if no new remote transmitter has been programmed within the 20 second programming mode.




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