Ford Transponder keys

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IF like me and my son, you buy a used Ford, that uses transponder technology, try to ensure it has the Red Master Key, (For the early models) or two working keys, (For the later models), as without them it can prove to be expensive to get replacement keys that actually work.

I was quoted over £200 from my local Ford dealer, and they would need the car for a whole day, (Load of rubbish).

I suppose i was lucky to have found someone close to me, right here on ebay, that did the reprogramming for less than a quarter of that price, and it only took 30 minutes to do the job, though i did have to purchase a third key, (reprogramming does three keys at once).

One final note for the uninitiated, according to the locksmith that did my sons fiesta the only difference between the red key and the black ones, is the colour of the plastic, the chip inside is exactly the same, so save your money and use one of the black keys as a master, (Just remember which one it is though)

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