Foreo Luna-Mini

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The Foreo Mini is a small  revolutionary  face cleaning handheld device that comes in a range of colours and is available for all skin typpes. It combines T-Sonic technology to offer a gentle effective cleansing. It takes up very little space, is waterproof  so suitable to use in the shower and is very easy to use.  The device comes with a recharge cable with a USB connection. It comes fully charged and I’ve been using it once per day for over 3 months without having to recharge it yet.
The most notable thing about the Luna Mini is the lack of ‘bristles’. One of the biggest points of difference between the Luna and other sonic devices is that the Luna has over 1,000 tiny silicone fingers. The nonabrasive, nonporous silicone means there is no changing brush heads and no germ build-up. There are several sizes of little silicone fingers for use on different skin types. The mini is set to run for 1 minute, with a little buzz notifying you at 15 second intervals. The intervals are there so you can divide the time equally between your face zones – left cheek, right cheek, chin & nose and forehead. It's that simple!
Unlike brush style cleansing tools, you don’t scrub back-and-forth but rather in an upwards sweeping motion. There are 2 speed settings on this device and other than the unique motion of using the device, everything is really simple. You spread your face cleanser of choice onto your wet skin, wet the Luna Mini and then use with just a quick rinse off afterwards. It’s as simple as that to use and very effective.

There are several types of these products around but this one is good in the sense that it is quick and easy to use and requires no purchasing of additional bristle heads like other products.
I received a promotional Luna Mini from Foreo a few months ago via Bzz As this has worked so well I have told all my friends by word of mouth just how good it is!



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