Formula 1 Onboard Cameras by 4Kam

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4Kam Onboard Cameras
Available in DVD quality or HD.
If you're looking for an onboard camera system for racing or rallying then look no further than the 4KAM  ONBOARD CAMERA edition of our Action Ready Package™.
Our cameras have been fitted to F1 cars both past and present (from a 1964 Brabham grandprix car competing in historics to latest Red Bull and McLaren F1 machines) and are in use across all forms of motorsport including our Formula Renault team!

With the 'ONBOARD CAMERA - ARP™' you can record:
- high quality onboard video.
- general car audio from the 'effects mic' ie engine note/revs etc

 How does it work?
With the ONBOARD CAMERA ARP kit Simply mount the camera in the desired position on the car and connect it to the DVR. You are ready to start recording! There are 2 settings for recording:

1. Remote start - Start and stop recording using the supplied remote control.
2. Race or Rally mode - Have the system start up and record automatically as you turn on your ignition using PowerStart.

The system is very easy to use and the built in review screen on the DVR can help both set up the camera position and can be used to watch the footage back at the trackside.

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