Fossils-Beware of fake fossils- teeth / bones / eggs

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I was caught out buying a fossil from chinese origin on ebay,  when searching the site for fossils you get inundated with chinese sellers, selling either illegally exported (from china) or fake fossils. I contacted ebay and informed them that any seller based in china cannot legally sell ( therefore send) a fossil any where in the world unless it is fake.  Ebay have not replied, they are money grabbing and commercially minded, and do not fear the laws in other countries.  Why this annoys me in particular is that, most of the stuff from china (mainland and mailed from) is fake anyway.  Only trust UK and US based sellers of fossils that have imported these themselves through legal channels. I could name quite a few on here. Take alook for yoursleve whether you have an interest in fossils or not, type in fossil dinosaur head, and youll get a ton of rubbish stuff all based in china, this needs to be stopped! 

Update on above, there are new sellers on ebay who claim to have cousins / family who work for China EMS or otger postal services to ensure they can smuggle fossils out of china - this may be the case ! but it would be illegal, or more then likely they are selling a fake.  I intend to write a fuller guide on fossil eggs once complete will send around some of the honest dealers on ebay and I also have a friend at the natural history museum (london).

UPDATED - vast research and great expence but I recommend these....................

Genuine Eggs - great quality -

Fossil eggs, like Hadrosaur and Oviraptor - , Try 'Eons ago' or type in 'Lowell Carhart' on the web, based in the United States, these items are genuine great examples, if you are UK based the postage is not expensive, or lenghty in time  I had 2 very nice examples of eggs delivered for £190 delivery in 4 days! These eggs were large heavy and excellent shell coverage, A very freindly honest guy to deal with, tons of other stuff for auction and buy it nows.

Another top Fossil Egg dealer(Hadrosaur I bought) try Fossilwerk in Canada, had some very lovely genuine specimins with very good shell coverage, again postage is fast and not expensive, Paul at fossilwerk is very helpful and friendly, with some usefull information on his shop page. Also works with some of the leading experts in this field.


Please be warned that Many if not all Fossil eggs sent from China are either Illegally exported out of China, or more then likely fake, do not be lured by inexpensive eggs or other fossils.  Use UK or as I have now learnt US and Canadian dealers, who have exported these legally.  All indicators seem to point towards a future shortage of Eggs from Chinese Regions with the Chinese Governement controlling the flow.  Whether this is 'hype' I dont know, but there certainly is less on the market (and not just ebay) then a year ago and certainly less then a few years ago.

Top Quality fossil teeth

For top quality well prepared teeth try 'Triassica', a UK dealer, beware of morrocon fakes and composites by other dealers.  Fast friendly service, by experienced dealer, also sells full skeletons and many other items.  Mostly buy it now items at very good prices for the quality and service you receive.

Genuine quality fish and trilobite fossils

As to be B.J.F, a UK dealer, highly recommend this dealer for all types of fossils - tons of stuff in his shop! Another top UK dealer, sells just about everything from £1 to £10,000.  have a look.  Excellent fish and insects.Often the odd egg or turtle shell.  Infact one turtle shell I bought I took to the Natural History Museum they studied it for weeks (aksed to keep it!) and varified its identiity etc etc - very pleased.



I will update these recommendations as when I have experienced other dealers!  I have not be paid or benfitted personally for these 'plugs' but think that people have a right to spend their money on genuine high quality fossils, and when a dealer provides a good item and good service it is good to spread the word.

I am no major fossil expert (not qualified) but a very keen collector with more books then fossils! - at this time, if you have any queries on the above please mail me.

Knowledge is the only thing to protect yourselve from the fakes and the fruads of fossil buying - all the best

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