Foundation Buying Guide for Oily Skin

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Foundation Buying Guide for Oily Skin

Every young girl just beginning to use make-up has a lot to learn. The process of proper make-up application is part technique and part knowledge; everyone cannot use the same products, for instance. This is especially true for women with oily skin. Finding the right make-up, particularly foundation, is essential. Far from a problem limited to adolescence, oily skin can be a lifelong problem that causes women troubles when it comes to make-up application and use.

Foundation is by far the most important make-up item for oily skin since the wrong type can make a bad problem worse. However, there is more to buying the right foundation for oily skin than reading 'for oily skin' on the bottle. Rather, understanding what oily skin really is and how to care for it, including choosing foundation, is the only way to have true success with make-up. In this respect, buying foundation for oily skin is really a process of educating oneself about oily skin in general.

Understanding Oily Skin

In its essence, many people understand what oily skin is. We get this information through fashion magazines and personal experience. Indeed, at one time or another, every woman experiences oily skin. However, successfully dealing with oily skin means understanding it more than in its essence; make-up users must also understand the causes of oily skin and what is actually happening to make their skin that way.

The Causes of Oily Skin

There are three major causes of oily skin. The most common of these causes, hormones, happen for most women at some point in their lives. Think about it – the times in life when one is most likely to have oily skin correlate directly with hormone production, namely adolescence, cycles of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. This is because androgens, the hormones responsible for the body's oil production, are elevated along with other hormones at these key times.

For an unfortunate few, however, the problem of oily skin continues throughout their lives, not just in correlation with natural hormone cycles. For these people, oily skin problems are largely due to heredity. That is, a woman is more likely to have oily skin if one or both of her parents had oily skin.

Finally, some acquire oily skin as a result of certain lifestyle choices. However, contrary to popular belief, although greasy foods can aggravate oily skin, they aren't the cause of it. Instead, drugs like oral contraceptives and stress cause oily skin because they affect hormones.

What Happens When Skin is Oily

The causes of oily skin are really only half the battle; the result of oily skin is the larger issue at hand. To understand this, it is first important to remember the skin's function. As the body's largest organ, the skin has the all-important job of excreting toxins from within the body and protecting the body's vital system from the toxins in the outside world. The oil secreted by the skin, called sebum, is designed to lubricate the skin as well as help in the expulsion of debris. The problem is that, when the skin is too oily, the pores become clogged with excess oil, trapping the toxins against the skin rather than expelling them. This creates blemishes or blackheads.

Blemishes and acne are not only unsightly, but can also be considerably painful, as the pus within creates pressure and irritation of the surrounding skin. Therefore, women with naturally oily skin need to work hard to keep this oil production at bay, allowing for the beneficial effect of the skin's oil without the occurrence of blemishes.

Skin Care for Oily Skin

Once women understand what it means to have oily skin and what factors cause or contribute to it, they are ready to consider the specifics of oily skin care. This is important to understand in the process of finding foundation for oily skin, since foundation, and make-up in general, is really only one piece of a very large puzzle of optimum skin health.


The single most important element of oily skin care is cleansing. It is important to wash skin both day and night and use the right type of oily skin cleanser. Nighttime cleansing is particularly important, as sleeping with make-up on is a good way to irritate already sensitive skin and increase oil production.

In general, oily skin reacts best to gentle cleansing products, since harsh soaps and buffs can actually irritate the skin and cause more oil to be produced. Instead, look for a non-soap-based cleanser that contains one of the following ingredients:


What it does...

Benzoyl Peroxide

An oxygen-rich compound similar in structure to hydrogen peroxide and bleach; works by flooding the propionibacteria acnes (P. acnes) with aerobic materials that kill the bacteria and clear the pores of other debris.

Beta-Hydroxy Acid

An exfoliant that works to break down the 'plugs' in pores that result from excess oil secretion; sloughs off these plugs to make way for new skin growth.

Glycolic Acid

Mainly an exfoliant; clears acne and reduces oil production by absorbing into the sebaceous follicles of the skin where dead cells build up.

Salicylic Acid

A mild exfoliant; keeps pores clear of oil and other debris; reduces inflammation and swelling of the skin caused by these irritants.

When looking for a good oily skin facial cleanser, it is common to see items with these acids marked as specifically formulated for those with acne. And, while it is true that these ingredients help to fight acne, as we discussed above, oily skin is borne of the same issues, which means that acne cleansers are a good choice for those with oily skin who do not suffer from acne.

Moisturising and Sun Care

The second step for proper oily skin care is choosing the correct products to use after cleansing. Even oily skin needs to be moisturised and proper sun care is also important to maintain skin's youthful appearance and prevent cancer. However, the different composition of oily skin and the way that it reacts to irritants means that providing moisture and protection still needs to be done gently.

Basically, the idea is to find products that are free of oils since the skin already produces too much oil on its own. Moisturisers should be only applied as needed and mineral-based sunscreens should be used in lieu of more popular oil-based ones. Although the ingredients that replace the oils do vary, labels usually identify products safe to use on oily skin as 'oil-free' or 'for oily skin&'.

Foundation for Oily Skin

The final element of oily skin care is the foundation. Choosing the right foundation for oily skin is not so hard once buyers understand what it is they need to look for and why. Because of the overproduction of oil that is characteristic of this skin type, the best choices, like moisturisers and sunblocks, should themselves be oil-free.

For foundations, good choices are mineral-based products. Popular ingredients to look for are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, and iron oxides. Also, popular 'minerals' brands of make-up, such as BareMinerals, are generally a good choice as well. It is also a good idea to look for foundations free of preservatives and perfumes as these ingredients can irritate sensitive skin and pores, causing the production of additional oil.

Buying Foundation for Oily Skin

Successfully purchasing foundation for oily skin depends upon one's ability to understand what oily skin is, what causes it, and how to care for it. After outlining these issues, buyers are ready to look for the right foundation for them. Be sure to use the same strategies for buying foundation for oily skin as when buying any foundation. This means comparing the colour of the foundation to that of your skin before committing to purchase. This is an act best done in person, but once the proper shade is determined, foundation for oily skin can be bought at a number online locations.

In general, foundation for oily skin is widely available in any store that sells make-up and beauty supplies. However, a far greater selection can be found online. eBay represents one such place to find foundation for oily skin in a variety of colours and prices.

Shopping with eBay for Foundation for Oily Skin

Users who have never used eBay prior to this point need to register for a new account before proceeding with their purchase. The good news is that this registration is fast and easy. Users may also want to sign up for a PayPal account at the same time which makes the purchase process even smoother and protect their personal financial information.

Once this is accomplished, using eBay to buy foundation is a great choice. Ideally, the purchaser has already identified the precise colour to match the wearer's skin tone, however, since getting a true feeling of shade while shopping online is difficult, this can easily be accomplished by visiting any cosmetic store prior to shopping online.

eBay is designed for easy searching through its main search bar, located at the head of every page. Entering the most specific information available into the search bar narrows the search and thereby finetunes the results to speed up the process. For example, 'bareMinerals foundation medium beige&' is a far more precise search parameter than simply entering 'bareMinerals foundation&'. Many results are likely to surface, which gives buyers the option to compare prices without having to visit multiple websites. This is one of the major advantages to using eBay for all kinds of everyday purchases.


Women with oily skin need to know how to properly care for their skin before buying foundation. This is because the sensitive and particular nature of oily skin makes foundation a small step in a long line of specific skin care strategies used to enhance looks and skin health. Therefore, buying foundation for oily skin is really an exercise in understanding and combating oily skin.

Oily skin can be caused by a number of issues, from hormones to genetics, and is the major cause of blemishes and acne for adolescents and adults alike. Proper care of oily skin starts with cleansing and choosing the proper products for moisturizing and sun care. It also means looking for foundation that is formulated particularly for oily skin, generally using minerals instead of oils. These products are usually labelled as such.

Buying foundation for oily skin is pretty simple as it is widely available. Online, users may want to consider looking through eBay's vast selection of foundations for oily skin, which they may find are offered at steep discounts compared to physical stores and other websites. Getting started with eBay is fast and easy, making the process of buying foundation for oily skin a bit easier.

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