Fraud Bidders and Emails

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Please be aware there are quite a few people at the moment who are making bids on items and ensuring that they win.Your then sent an email from Paypal informing you the buyer has paid for the item and it is quite convincing at first glance but it's NOT legite,as the messages from Ebay aren't either.This happened 3 or 4 times with a mobile my son had listed, he checked the feedback on the winners and trusted what he saw as it stated they had been with ebay for a few years and had very good feedback.It is difficult to say whether the person had more than one ebay ID but with it happening so many times i would say its possible or there are a few of them.I am still unsure what else a seller can really do to ensure a safe transaction, as feeback of a person playes a big part of ebay.
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