Fraud Buyers - Trying to get there money back!!

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Latley ive come across a buyer that has brought from me, got the item and left feedback. Everything happy untill paypal contact me regrading the item not being received month later.

This type of buyer won't go though ebay as there just trying to trick you into thinking its a person you've sold to lately when in fact its been about a month or so. They will try to get there money back... don't be fooled.

My Top Tips...

  • Keep all your messages sent to you (ebay or inbox).
  • Make sure you keep proof of purchase.
  • Check your history of buyers and purchase. Check when this person brought from you and whether they left feedback.
  • Check if there going though ebay about this and if they have made any contact (9 times out of 10 they have'nt)
  • Post on recorded mail if whenever possible, this way the item must be signed for.

If you know that a buyer is unture or if buyers bid and dont pay, rude or anything like that then as a last resort ban and block them from bidding.

I have helped many of people and ebay business with this and many have blocked buyers that they have the same trouble with.

They will say they have'nt received the item, make sure there not tricking you.

Hope this helps

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