Fraud - Money Transfer - WESTERN UNION MONEY GRAM

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Sellers & Buyers BE AWARE.....

I have just read someone elses review about scamming. I too was caught out some time ago. I bought a Saxophone and agreed to send the money via Western Union. I though I was being clever by sending the payment with a slightly adjusted name so that the receiver could NOT get there hands on the money and that they would have to had telephoned me.... I'm affraid this did not work. They managed to manipulate the system and et their hands on just under £1000. I lost out and received NO HELP because I went outside the rules. I was new to Ebay and didn't quite understand how it all worked. I have been taught a lesson and hope you don't learn my way, it is COSTLY.....

In short, do the following :-

Only deal with people that can be traced

Deal with people that don't mind offering information such as serial numbers or extra pictures

Pay attention to the pictures, is there anything dodgey in the back ground. It's amazing how many times you see a word or something in the reflection of a shiny object that gives the game away.

When selling, advertise the fact that new zero rated members contact you first. If they do that's great, secondly get their details and telephone number and call them, or even a neighbour ot theirs..!!!!

If possible, and in particular with vehicles, or anything else, ask who the previous owner was. If they provide the details then contact them and find out who they sold it to. If it fits, fine, if not STAY AWAY.!

In other words, if it is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, then it it is NOT.

Please be carefull, it's not nice to lose out and the effects linger on in your mind about how stupid you have been.

Lastly, find out the item location. If it is an area that you have some sort of connection to or a relationship with, work, family, old friend etc, ask them to go round and knock on the door. You will soon find out if it is fake or not.

There are far more NICE people out there than NASTY so always remember to give people the benefit of the doubt.

I hope this helps someone, if you need any more help or advice, then just ask.

Good luck & best wishes,


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