Fraud:Why do ebay not tell you about this?

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I have only recently joined ebay as both buyer and seller. eBay have been very helpful in setting up my accounts and promoting their various projects, sites and marketing ideas (the best of which cost money). Yet I have had to search various, guides (see below), chat to friends and family and go online to discover any of the pitfalls that I may encounter and which others have encountered.

  • The fake product - never existed, no picture, vague description.
  • The misleading description - Bid £10 and recieve any one of the following a car, a boat, a pen, a tv. (you guess which?)
  • Buying feedback - "Buy a 10p for 5p and give me lovely feedback" In politics this is vote rigging Mr G W Bush!
  • Overseas accounts - they are like ships in the night and will pass out of sight once they have your money. Africa seems to be a favourite (god alone knows why?)
  • The concert ticket - Offer tickets for a date several months away. Bidder pays and you offer to post in 30, 60 or 90 days time. Either way when post never arrives and buyer complains the record of sales has been deleted by ebay and paypal on auto.
  • Double bidding - I bid 20p for your house. My friend bidds £1,000, 000, 000 for your house. Anyone else bidding is stopped by  my friend's huge bid. One minute before deadline my friend cancels bid. I am left as max bidder! Yippeee a house for 20p  - Bargain.
  • Postage twice my bid. Basically the seller is hoping you will not read or add up the Overall total of the item including p+p ie on Bid tv all items are £8.99 - why?: are they stored in a warehouse in outer Mongolia, or sent by winged couriers and dolphin express?
  • 100% + feedback only because con man removed bad feedback as he offered refund to get rid of customer- Do you as a buyer want a full refund (A) or to leave negative feedback on a sellers record(B)? They are hoping you pick A.

I should point out to anyone attempting one of these that some are old and eBay are fully aware and very vigilant.

Ways to try to stay safe.

  • Ask seller to email you a pic of item and in pic a copy of a daily paper (like in kidnap movies!)
  • ask questions about item - What condition is it? Why is postage £2000 for a mobile phone, Why no reply to contact?
  • Read sellers / buyers feedback - How long have they traded, email there other customers, google products / reviews
  • Know the market - is this a gd price? is it too good?
  • Get Protection - credit card insurance, paypal, etc
  • How long a wait  to be nice before neg feedback and complaints!
  • Always trust someone until you stop trusting them.Then tell everyonee about them.

For the record I love ebay, I like the auction format and that I have an item at the moment with no bidders but 5 people watching it! Should be an exciting last hour.Lastly I have not had any difficulties up til now BUT it would have been nice if ebay had automatically sent me a guide list with these few articles included or stressed the possible down side to buying and selling.

Can I suggest that we all, tick as helpful, guides like this one so they stay at the top of the list. I would be great if the top ten of guides were slight critiques of ebaying not simply pamphlets from ebay on its products or diary enties. Thanks. Good night.



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