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LOOK at EVERY word before buying electronics, memory sticks, iPhones, or whatever else. Recently, I saw this memory stick on auction titled "FOR sony psp, camera, phone, ..." It might SEEM as if the seller is selling a SONY memory stick, but actually only a fraud that looks like one. This applies with the "Apple Phone" which might be mistranslated to an iPhone, but is actually made of cheap plastic. Be extra cautious when you see the word "for" used. e.g. [4G memory stick FOR sony camera] has nothing to do with a [4G sony memory stick] If you aren't sure, ask the seller and make them reply "Yes, this is a sony memory stick" or "This is a memory stick FOR sony products] (Which makes things pretty clear) And it is a good idea to check the picture of the stuff you want to buy, and see if the picture the seller put out looks the same. (Look at trademark, font type, and colour) No picture, No guarantee, Don't Buy!!
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