Free Apple iPod Touch !

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Make sure you check out the exceem forum, this will show you that its real  ! Dont Miss out !

Step 1

Choose Which Goodies You Fancy - There are many goodies to choose from, ranging from gaming consoles to laptops and HDTV's. To start off its recommended you should rather choose something with a lower amount of credits. E. g: The Nintendo Wii is only 8 Referrals, so therefore only 8 referrals needed !. It does get lower, if you fancy an iPod Shuffle, these are only 2 referrals !. The choice is yours !

Step 2

Sign Up And Complete An Offer - Once you have chosen which goodies you fancy, click on the picture of it and sign up. You firstly need to give your email address, set up a password and then fill in your REAL address. Once you are signed up, you will then get an email to activate your new account. Check your email and click the link in it, your account should now be activated.
Reccomended Offers

      LoveFilm - This offer involves you signing up to the 14 Day free trial. For your offer to be succesfully credited to your reward account, you need to add some DVD's to your list, and then receive and return your first DVD. That is all that is required !
      Bingo Offers - There are quite a few online bingo offers to choose, from well known ones that you might have seen on the tele. Mecca, Jackpot Joy and more. To get your offer creditted, you usualy only need to deposit from £5 to £10 and play through it. Go on and have abit of BINGO fun !
      Betting Offers- These offers work the same way as the bingo ones. You deposit from £5 to £10 an bet with it. You might even make a profit. Some of the offers credit you with free money that you can play with. Eg: deposit £5 and get another £5 in return !

Step 3

Getting Those Referrals - T
here are various methods of obtaining your referrals. First choice for many would be to get your friends and family to help you out. Talk to them and tell them about the offer, refer them to this web site so they can read up on it and see how it works. There are also forums and other resources in the links section where you can go and trade for referrals. Explore and learn !

Ways to get referrals...

* Make your own blog/website to promote your referral links
    * Trade on the eXceem Forum
    * Talk to your friends on Msn
    * Make leaflets/business cards to hand out to people
    * Use your imagination !

Don't Give Up !

Visit ( Copy & Paste Link )

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