Free Cable Satellite TV on your PC or Computer

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Get FREE Cable or Satellite TV on your PC or Computer now.  Are these software programmes worth it?

Regardless to say that there are a lot of programmes available both on the Internet and on eBay.  Some of these are good, whereas others are not necessarily good, and even go to say that they are rubbish.

The only way that YOU, the independant purchaser of the these programmes can be comfortable with your purchase is to TRUST the seller.

I am one of the Biggest Sellers on eBay for Satellite TV on your PC software programmes.  I have a Store Free Satellite TV on PC Software that you can see all of my programmes for sale.  You can also find the store by CLICKING HERE.  Remember that I have tried these Packages and the ones that I sell are the best of those currently available

So how can you TRUST Sellers, and why are these questions important?

What back-up systems are in place?
It is important to know exactly how the seller can help you after your purchase? 

For example WE will do the following: 

  • The software information will be provided to you immediately after you paid. 
  • You will ALSO be sent a Backup email from me personally within 2 Working Days of the Auction closing again providing the Download link. 
  • You can chat or talk to me on Skype (as long as I'm online),
  • AND I'm more than happy to offer you help via My Messages or via my BLOG

Do they have a Store/Shop?
You will get some sellers that don't know much about the software or its products.  The Larger Sellers will be selling large quantity of sales and as such will probably have used or reviewed the products themselves. 

  • For example - we have more than 150 items for sale at any one time!

What do you know about the seller?
On eBay users can provide information by the following:

My World
About Me Page
Write a Review / Guide
Write a Blog

I have all of these, and you can find out all of these bits of information directly after the links above.  Don't forget to check our my BLOG, usually updated DAILY, both for fun and you can ask me questions there.

How long have they been on eBay?
The longer the Seller has been on eBay the more substantiated they have been. 

For example Hot-eDeals has have been on eBay since January 2003 (over 5 YEARS)
Remember that you put your trust in the seller.  No-one else can help you. 

Finally don't forget to check out MY BLOG or MY STORE  for Great Deals on Satellite TV on PC Software Packages


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