Free HDTV of a size that you choose

Like if this guide is helpful

TV's like this can be bought on ebay for large sums of money (the larger the screen the more it costs).
However i found a means where you could possibly get one for free. I don't like being robbed and i have no desperate need for money so i am giving it to you for free.
If you are interested copy and paste this link (if you are in the US/UK only):

This is just a website which does this.
All you have to do is go to this website register your details,select a gift and complete an offer.
It is possible to do this without having to spend any money
if you read the terms and conditions of the company carefully.
once you have completed an offer you simply refer friends to do the same although it is possible to refer to people you have never met with careful use of the internet.
the bigger the tv the more referrals you will need.
like i said there should be no risk of you losing any money if you are careful.
The link again:

If a HDTV does not interest you then here is other link to a website that gives away free PS3's, XBOX 360's and Wii's (UK only).  

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