Free PS3? IPOD? Xbox? How the money is REALLY made!

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Many people have suspicions about 'Free' popular console schemes, and with good cause. The first few questions that most people ask is...


  1. I know this is a con.... but how does it work?
  2. No one can give things away... Surely... it's a con... How does it work?
  3. Ok, so I do a trial for you, and we both get a free PS3/Xbox/Wii..... no... How does it work?
  4. So you say it works.... Where does the money come from?


So I thought I'd write a guide to explain How it works.

1. Someone sets up a 'rewards site'.  This can be anyone, any company. But there are a few tried and trusted 'networks', the main ones being freebiejeebies, the Giveaway network, and Kudos.

2. Companies, big, corperate joobos, (like Gala bingo, LoveFilm etc) pay them a good amount for every person who does a trial (which is usually free or a trivial amount for the consumer).

3. These companies get you and me to try the products. So if you sign up, they get the money from the advertisers.

4. Here's the clever bit. You then get your friends to try these products too, and the 'network' makes a heck of a lot of money from the big companies. They then reward you... The little guy.


For example:  

  • You sign up. (Free). This has the effect of 1, getting you in on the product, and 2, the advertisers pay the 'network' for example, £30-40. Now, you're thinking. £30-£40, that's not a free PS3/Xbox 360/IPOD/Wii/ whatever they're promising. And you're right...
  • You get friend to sign up. Usually ~ 10. This means that each one of those friends is worth £30-£40 to the 'network'. Thats £330-£440 for the network for your contribution. That is a free PS3/Xbox/IPOD/Wii/whatever they're promising. Plus a nice £100-£200 bonus for the network.
  • THAT, is how it works. THAT, is why it is business, THAT is why it does work.

If want your free console, then give it a go. If you're still duibious then fair enough. Lots of people are. It's just the culture of life. Nothing for free right? Well it's not free, it's on the wallet of big corporate advertisers.... I don't think it can get better than that really.

Notice I'm not including a link to my own page. I don't want to pimp my own site, I just wanted to dispel a few myths surrounding 'free stuff'. Be under no illusions, it isn't free, but it doesn't cost you anything.

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