Free PSP in the UK

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We've all seen those listings on eBay - "Get a free PSP click here". 9 times out of 10 the site you are linked to is a sca mand is posted by the site owner to make him/her self money.

Don't click a link or visit a site you are unsure of on eBay listings. If you would like a free PSP in the UK, there are many sites you can go to. But the most legit, easiest and quickest way in the UK is to go to...

and sign up to the site THROUGH THAT LINK.

Then complete an 'offer' as soon as you can. These can be registering with a bingo site and betting £10, a free DVD rental, purchasing IQ Test results, free samples - whatever is available! I recommend doing the offer as soon as you can!


Once you have signed up and completed the offer, e-mail me ( DiscoDJChris" ) or add me to MSN ( PlanetSoundsDisco" ) (Just change the " to a @).

Then I will help you and guide you through to get your free PSP or anything!


I am posting this information to stop more people getting scammed. Please also e-mail me or add me to MSN if you would like help or more information!





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