Free Subtitle Offers & Why To Avoid Them!!

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I recently opened a little e-bay shop and started to fill it with items.  I took advantage of a listing offer of free subtitles and listed in excess of 100 shop inventory items with a subtitle.  At the end of each listing I was told how much I would be charged 0.08p every 30 days.

When my next fees invoice arrived I was absolutely horrified at the amount and upon closer inspection realised that I had been charge 0.35p for each of my listings that had a subtitle! Obviously there were quite a few of them.  There was no mention of this in the small print, no mention of this whilst I was busy filling up my shop.  No warning that the offer was about to expire.

E-bay told me that it's policy was to not refund fees!  The only advice other than that was that I should remove my subtitles by revising the items if I did not want to be charged for them, they even told me how I could do this.  Fine, have you tried to remove a subtitle from an active inventory listing?  You are physically unable to, you get an error message and cannot continue.  I pointed this out to e-bay and now they say, that is correct I am unable to remove my subtitle by revising the item, I should have to end the listing and then relist it!  Great, so not only do I have to spend a day ending all my listings and then relisting them (losing any credit in the meantime for items that would have sold), but stupidly, I cannot do a bulk edit, I have to do each item individually.  Thank goodness I'm not a power seller listing 500 items or so!

Anyway, the worst thing about all this mess is that according to the help pages, a subtitle is an enhancement and according to their revision limitations chart for store inventory listings, enhancements can be added or removed any time the listing is active.  That is in black & white, so you can see why I'm a bit miffed.

E-bay has overcharged me and is continuing to do so.  E-bay is taking money from me and I am unable to stop it!  There is no phone number to speak to anyone, I have asked to be contacted by phone and have been told 'No'.  The only reply I now receive is 'not our policy to refund fees'. There is no formal complaints procedure.  I have invested a lot of tome and money into this little venture and now my profits are going into e-bays bank account.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with this kind of thing and found a solution?




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