Free View Reception

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FreeView Reception

If you have considered getting a free view box but was told or found that you can't get a signal or you can but a very poor reception. you can do this IF!  If you have a sky digi box and it's dish and LNB still connected, you can plum your free view box into your sky decoder box and slave also amplify your freeview reception.

You can use your Sky Saterlite dish as a reciever, technically your sky dish will pick up anything coming its way. The reason you do not get everything is that the sky box is only programmed to recieve what the service provider wants it to. If you have another decoder box and plum it to the the sky saterlite net you may recieve those channels, you may have to re-position or align your dish, but it should work for freeview and also amplify the reception. you can use the Sky box and Freeview just by asigning an exstention to it from setup on your Tv, which should do it automatically.  You do not have to have the Sky box on, stanby will do.

Attach the Sky Saterlite cable to Sky as normal.  You can use your Scart setup or RF or both, If RF, run cable from roof ariel to Freeview box (RF IN), RF Out to sky, RF or Ariel in from sky out to DvD recorder  RF in, and from DvD recorder to Tv RF In. you will need to make sure you have the right RF cables you may require Male-to-Male/ Female-to-Male or Female-to-Female. Check the RF Input Output, make a drawing and name the connections before starting, you can get all the cables from eBay.

If Scart set-up. Scart out from Sky toDvD Recorder Box, then from DvD recorder Box to TV.

Run a Scart from Freeview direct to TV scart. This will enable you to get a strong clear image and record your progammes. If you have a combo Freeview recorder box then run the scart from Sky to this and from the Combo box to Tv. If I can upload some diagrammes I will but these guide scripts are limited. and unstable?



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