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Here is hoping that we can make a return to the early days of ebay when good manners seemed to abound.  When I first starting using ebay as a buyer/seller there was always good communications between the parties involved.  It seemed common courtesy for the seller to acknowledge the recent sale by use of an email to thank the buyer and let them know what was happening.  As a seller I would (and still do) contact a buyer and after a short thank you I would let them know when I would be able to send off the item.  This would be followed up with another message once the item was dispatched.  There would be a reply from the buyer and thus the transaction would be complete with both parties well-informed and (hopefully) pleased with the transaction and communication.

The last few items I have sold I have contacted the buyer to do the normal thanks and communication, followed with another email once the item was sent, and another to ensure it arrived safely and all was well. 

I hardly ever get a reply....

I am not asking for a long term relationship!! Just a thanks and acknowledgement would suffice. 

Some cases not even feedback!  Positive, negative or neutral....  Is this a result of so many commercial enterprises operating on ebay? I think not, I do get information from them and a thank you email when I work with them. 

So come on ebayers, how about a return to the courtesy in a deal?  Why not send an email to your buyer thanking them and keeping them informed of progress, say a thank you for the purchase and payment. Show that buying and selling on ebay is not a dirty exercise to be hidden and not to recognise or appreciate the person who buys from you, or those from whom you buy...

Just good communication is all it takes!

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