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i think we all know that there are hundreds of sites that say that you can get a free laptop, or tv, or console, or ipods. in many cases these sites all say free, even though they want you to refer 8 or more freinds and they complete offers at about £20 each. but there are a few sites which get their money a different way, and this is by surveys, as many companies pay search sites to get lots of people to complete their surveys,

so, if a website uses a point system for completing surveys, in partnership with the companies that are paying them, they can give away ps3's, and xbox's, and wii's, and games for these systems, as they aren't paying for anything, as it is the companies that make the surveys that pay.

it is hard to find these sites, and many of them are genuine, and i am proof, as i recently got a ps3 80gb, and a wii with wii fit, just for anwering surveys, and not asking for credit card details. there are a few surveys that ask for you to text them, but i stuck with the ones that just asked for your email and postcode. (the trick is if you dont want lots of emails in your inbox, get an email address at yahoo, or somewhere else, and your still then giving valid details.

there is a link here at the bottom to, in my opinion the best site, and i would advise just going for accessories and games, as you need to fill in alot of surveys for consoles, but it can be done, if you have time, dont knock it on the head, also if you dont want games or consoles, you can recieve custom orders, as my sister wanted an iphone, and they bought it and sent it out to here.

www. prizerebel. com / index. php ? r = 574397

and can i ask you use this link (ignore all the spaces, as ebay dont let us put links in), if you intend to join, as they give me a few points if others sign up using my link. i would really appreciate it if you use my link, and honest it really does work. and i can't stress enough how they dont ask for credit cards. this is a 100% genuine site as i was not scammed, and never gave them anything except my postcode and email.

this truly is the most genuine site for free consoles ive seen, and would greatly appreciate it if you were to use my link to sign up. enjoy the free stuff if you believe me!



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