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Have you ever noticed browsing on ebay auctions that are selling information to what they call “How to get free iPods, Laptops, mobile phones and a lot of more stuff”? And probably a lot of people were quite tempted to give it a try and buy that information or Ebook in order to get some free stuff from internet, anyway it usually cost only few quid so why not give it a try it is only a few quid? Well, in this post I will try to describe most common information that you get from those e-books and similar stuff auctions for free. It is not some sort of secret that needs to be paid for in order to be revealed, its ordinary information available to anyone who is willing to spend some time researching it.

 First of all I would like to note that this all freebie thing, really works, I am talking from my personal experience and also I have red a lot of information regarding this and there is also quite a significant amount of people that are participating in such promotions and get stuff from those sites. Of course you need to be very careful with such stuff because not all websites are good and some of them wont post you stuff which you deserved.


 Well it is basically very simple, you sign up to a website and choose your reward, let’s say you will choose iPod. For every item you need different amount of referrals, usually the more expensive item is, the more referrals you need. Let’s say for an iPod you need 5 referrals. So, when you sign up for that reward you need to complete 1 (usually) offer. Offers are more or less the same, but keep in mind that they will probably cost you no more than £10 to complete. Offers also sometimes vary, but usually you need to sign up for example to online dvd rental and take their free trial which you can cancel any time. Also now most common one is to sign up to online bingo website, deposit around £10 which are spendable as you can play that bingo and that’s it, after completion of similar offer you need to refer 10 of your friends or just other people to do the same and once they will do the same (complete offers) you will need to verify your account and once it is done, you will receive your free item. It sounds quite complicated but it isn’t.

 Basically the principle is the same: You register with a website and then sign up for one if any available offers which usually don’t cost more then £10 and refer some friends, for example for ipod touch is just 5 friends which have to do the same and that’s it, wait for your item to arrive.


The way that this system works is that it's a very clever form of marketing so it greatly benefits the companies involved. They pay the website that you sign up with for their getting a new customer and then when you get friends to sign up the website get more money thus covering the cost of the free iPhone, free iPod Touch or whatever it is you choose. The reason the company pays the website is that through their website they have received a new customer so the company only pays for new customers rather than paying to advertise in print or on TV which does not guarantee any customers.


These sites almost always get best feedback regarding service and item dispatch time. Also I have tried several and it never failedJ.

1. Kudos network - are both great websites which deal with customers fast and efficient, also your rewards are usually dispatched very promptly.

2. Real incentives – This sites differs from others that it offers the lowest referral rate for each time.

3. FreebieJeebie – is also one of the best websites that offers great rewards for offer completion.

 All these sites have proven to work, hope it will work for someone who will also want to try this thing.

 Below are some of the questions we get asked most regularly:

Q: How can this be for real? - No one would give these items away for nothing?
A: This is a new form of online marketing. We earn a referral fee from the offers completed - some of this is used to purchase your free gifts.

Q: What is a referral?
A: Once you have signed up and completed your offer you will be given a referral link - this is your own link to give out to people. When they sign up you will receive a "yellow" and once they have completed an offer they will go "green". Once you have sufficient greens the order button will appear to allow you to enter verification for your chosen gift.

Q: What's the best way to get "greens"?
A: Be creative. The easiest way to start is with friends and family, but you can also post in forums, chat rooms etc. Use your imagination!

Q: Do the friends I refer have to complete an offer too?
A: Yes, once a referral signs up under your link they will appear on your status page as a “yellow” or as “Offer Not Complete”. Once they have completed their offer this will turn green and show “Offer Complete”.

Q: Can I complete the site more than once?
A: You may. Once you have received your gift, we will reset your account and you may start all over again. Any unused greens will be rolled over.

Hopefully this will have helped to answer any questions that you may have had.
 I hope this information will useful for some of you and will help to say effort and/or money looking for it. Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me, most of the time I will respond during 24 hour period. Thanks.
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