Free stuff, you having a laugh?

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Well no, I'm not having a laugh

Freebies, now you might be asking what are they and how they work? Well simply, 'freebies' is a new system sweeping across the internet where companies award you with free gifts for completing certain requirements. In the case I'm talking about, the free gifts are electronics worth £100's, and the requirements are for you to complete an online advertised deal, and then to get a certain amount of friends (referrals) to sign up.

This is how it all works.... The Freebie website demands a 'bounty' for every new customer deleivered to the advertised company. This 'bounty' is usually worth around £30-50 and covers the cost of the gift sent to you and also theres enough left over for the Freebie company to make a healthy profit, so if the gift is more expensive, the more referrals you need.

Its completely legal and legitimate, and is not a scam in any way shape or form.

Im not going to lie to you, these advertised deals require you to either have a paypal account or most of the time to put your credit card details in. But don't worry, the companies you are dealing with are respected large businesses, for example.... AOL, TalkTalk, BlockBuster, LoveFilm and many more. Some of them also may require you to put a deposit down, but if you go to my site (link and info at the bottom)  I will give you the guidance on which deal to chose as some are free (example... with Lovefilm, you have a 21 day free trial where you can get 6 free DVD rentals, and it can be cancelled at anytime).

If your still not sure, please watch these two short clips describing the deal. One is from NewsNight (BBC2) and one is from a American Gadget Show...

go to and write these in the search boxes, and the videos will appear near the top...

American Gadget Show video....'follow up on free ipods'

NewsNight video....'bbc report referral sites'

As you can see I have provided you with two slightly critical clips to show that I am not biased, can I also was very warry fo this deal before my cousin had also recieved his free xbox360 through these means. And not so long ago, I receieved a Ipod Shuffle also through the same way.

I would also advise you to visit the largest UK Freebie Forum, (copy and paste link) . Please just click on the galleries to see gift recievers and also the forums to gain some tips or just to ask questions.

If you are confident in the deal, please can you visit my site, (copy and paste the link), where I have provided more evidence and also links to the certain sites, where you could be so kind to sign up through. If you have further questions or worries, leave a me an email (email address at my site)

Thanks for Reading.


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