Free top up cheat

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this cheat is no good if you want it you can have it for free on the internet,
i bought this cheat off a fellow ebayer but when i read it its fake and will never work, so i sold it to make some extram money to pay off my ebay fees, i did quite good but then some one actually tried it and lost £60 in doing it and he lsft me a negative feedback

so if you have the cheat dont try youll just end up losing your money

please read below how to
obtain double your credit and unlimited free texts on the 02 network for
life :)

step 1..Firstly purchase your top up voucher on any network
step 2.. Find a friend that is also on the same network and get them to also
buy a top up
step 3.. Both of you must eneter the same codes of the same voucher on the
same phone at the same time
step 4.. Make sure when you are both entering the codes its is entered
exactly and precisely
step 5..once you have pressed the # key switch your phone off and put your
phone on
step 6.. you will now find you both have £10 on your phone :)
step 7.. apply the same thing with the other voucher and you will now have
double your credit :)

little hint of help..start the cheat with both the phones switched off and
then do everything
in sequence and make sure every button you press is at the same time. Also
phone the top up numbers
as the same time and once you have entered the top up pin on both phones
press the # key
at the same time and switch the phones off at the same time and make sure
that when you put the phones
back on they are switched on at the same time. This is a little tricky but
it does work :)


This method is a little tricky so read carefully.

step 1.. firstly top up a NEW o2 sim with any amount make sure its a new sim,
doesnt matter which tarrif you are on. YOU only need to top-up once.
step 2.. after you have topped up NEXT DAY change your tariff to a differnt tariff
other than the one you were on via the automated service (4444)
Step 3.. Every month after your new free bolton allowance starts, the next day
Try to go through a cycle: 1st month 300 free texts, 2nd month 50 anytime minutes,
3rd month 100 off-peak minutes, 4th month favourite place

After you top-up once dont top-up that sim again. You should see every month
you will have a free o2 bolton for free with-out topping up!


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