Freesat or Freeview or Freesat Sky

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A new player for digital TV has emerged called Freesat, what is it?

Freesat offers a choice of 80 channels from entertainment and children’s to movies, music and radio. Plus you get free HD programmes with a Freesat HD receiver.
All for no extra cost.

Freesat is a non subscription service all you need to do is buy a receiver and Installation (not required if you have a Sky Dish).

There are a number of boxes starting at £49.99 up to £150.00 for the HD receiver, plus installation charge for a dish If you don‘t have one.

Panasonic are to launch in June 08 a HD TV with Freesat built in I understand there will be three screen sizes.

There will also be in the near future a HD Freesat receiver with a built in Hard Drive similar to the Sky plus system.

Freesat from Sky

You may also receive Freesat from Sky, they offer 200 channels, you can make a one off payment for £150.00 and your receive a Dish and receiver and no subscription charge.

If you already have a Sky receiver and dish you can buy a Freesat card from Sky for only £20.00 which gives you the 200 channels.

Sky do not offer Freesat in HD, but you never know that may change.


This is the service received with a standard aerial plugged in to a Freeview box which cost as little as £17.00 or If you have a new TV it will probably have a Freeview tuner built in.

Freeview has around 44 channels but that does depend on the area as you can sometimes receive less. The only negative is if you signal is poor the picture will break up or disappear all together.

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