Freeview boxes are not all the same (Tvonics 5*)

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 I have had two Grundig digiboxes (original retail £49 and purchased at £25), the first was very flimsy in construction and the scart connectors felt loose. The pictures froze or dropped out altogether every day more than once per programme. The second (replacement box) was no better. The Grundig case looks very similar to both Goodmans and Phillips products, so I suggest you check the reviews thorouhly on these brands as well. Having returned the second Grundig and purchased a replacement Tvonics box (from ebay £28 incl delivery), immediately I have not only a superb (PERFECT) picture, but this little marvel has found five times as many channels off of the same transmitter and ariel set up! My only regret is not buying a Tvonics MDR-100 in the first place.
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